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      Gath Electric, Inc
16 Independence Rd
      Pepperell, MA 01463
      Ph:  978-433-6607
      Cell:  978-729-8301


Hear what our clients are saying…

"Gath Electric was referred to us by our contractor to diagnose a seemingly unfixable electrical problem. We had 2-3 other electricians in to repair the problem but it was never a permanent fix. Doug came in and not only properly diagnosed the issue, but formulated a plan to repair the problem and prevent it from happening in the future. The job was a large one that entailed undoing years of botched wiring and other peoples mistakes, but over the course of a couple of days, the system looked brand new and was completely organized. Doug and his coworkers travel quite a way to service our home, Doug came out recently to fix a problem that took him 5 minutes to repair and he was probably on the road for 2 hours. The customer service is impeccable and we seem to always have a date on the schedule for another project. I highly recommend Gath Electric for any project, big or small!"

-  K. Campbell, Sherborn, MA


“We recently had our kitchen remodeled. I’d like to comment on the part done by the electrical company, Gath Electric. This included significant rewiring, updating lighting, circuit boards and major new configuration to support a new kitchen island.. The crew that did the work was excellent, they arrived on schedule with minimal disruption during the work day. The project took two days, they used our garage for workspace and storage. The work took place in the kitchen and basement. Each day before they left they made sure all work areas were immaculate. I’ve never seen the basement so clean. The workers on the job had great problem solving skills that I believe we're outside the norm of what one normally sees.

Their work effort was professional and courteous. They answered any questions I had and if they didn’t know they found out and got back to me. At completion they went through and checked the work with me at their side explaining all. After they left there was an additionally piece of work I wanted done that I didn’t ask for. I called Doug who said no problem and got the team back the same day to complete my new request.

Of course the most important thing is that they liked my dog and he liked them. Of course even more important than that my wife was happy.

Bottom line great customer focus and a happy satisfied customer and strongly recommend."

- Ed B., Groton, MA


"We have used Gath Electric a number of times on a variety of lighting projects in our condo complex. All the work has been done extremely well and in a very timely manner. We have greatly appreciated the fine attention to detail and great quality of work Doug and his crew have always provided us! It has been a pleasure to work with Gath Electric and recommend their services highly.”
-  Groton, MA




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